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Journal of Cardiac Tamponade Case Reports

Journal of Cardiac Tamponade Case Reports publishes case reports in Cardiac Tamponade journal, images in Cardiac Tamponade journal, surgery in Cardiac Tamponade journal etc. Cardiac tamponade is the pressure that blood or other fluid that accumulates in the space around the pericardium creates upon the heart. Accumulation of fluid inside the pericardium space results in cardiac compression, reduction of venous return is called cardiac tamponade depending on pericardial distensibility. Is an acute type of pericardial effusion where fluid, pus, blood, clots, or gas is present. To relieve the physiological condition it needs immediate restore fluid and other assistance. Journal of Cardiac Tamponade Case Reports is a regular publication intended to advance science further, typically by reporting on new work. Some newspapers are highly specialized, but some of the oldest newspapers publish stories, reviews, editorials, brief communications, letters and scientific papers cover a wide variety of scientific areas. Journals contain articles reviewed by peers in an attempt to ensure that articles meet the quality and scientific validity standards of the journal. Each such article in the journal becomes a part of the permanent scientific record.

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