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Journal of Angioplasty Case Reports

Journal of Angioplasty Case Reports

Journal of Angioplasty Case Reports publishes case reports in Angioplasty journal, images in Angioplasty journal, imaging in Angioplasty journal, surgery in Angioplasty journal, Angioplasty surgery journal, video journal in Angioplasty etc. Angioplasty is an endovascular procedure for widening arteries or veins that are narrowed or obstructed, usually for treating arterial atherosclerosis. An empty, broken balloon, known as a balloon catheter, is passed into the narrowed locations over a wire and then inflated to a specified dimension. The balloon causes stenosis expansion inside the vessel and surrounding muscle wall, opening the blood vessel for increased flow, and then deflate and remove the balloon. At the time of ballooning a stent may or may not be inserted to ensure the vessel remains open. This journal welcomes research articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, editorials, commentaries, etc. and provides complete access to information for research or review purposes of any kind.

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