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Journal of Acute Coronary Syndrome Case Reports

Journal of Acute Coronary Syndrome Case Reports publishes case reports in Acute Coronary Syndrome journal, images in Acute Coronary Syndrome journal, surgery in Acute Coronary Syndrome journal, videos in Acute Coronary Syndrome journal etc. Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is a disease (set of signs and symptoms) caused by insufficient blood flow in the coronary arteries, so that a portion of the heart muscle cannot function properly or die. The most common symptom is chest pain, which radiates often to the left shoulder or jaw line, squeezing, central and combined with sweating and nausea. Some people with acute coronary syndromes have symptoms other than chest pain, particularly women, older patients and diabetes mellitus patients. Acute coronary syndrome is commonly associated with three clinical manifestations, named for electrocardiogram ( ECG) appearance: ST myocardial infarction elevation (STEMI, 30%), non-ST myocardial infarction elevation (NSTEMI, 25%), or unstable angina (38 per cent). There may be some variance about the classification of causes of myocardial infarction ( MI) under acute coronary syndrome.

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