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Case Reports in Cardiotoxicity Journal

Case Reports in Cardiotoxicity Journal

Case Reports in Cardiotoxicity Journal publishes images in Cardiotoxicity Journal, imaging in Cardiotoxicity Journal, surgery in Cardiotoxicity, journal of Cardiotoxicity case reports etc. Cardiotoxicity Peer-review Articles Cardio toxicity may be termed cardiac muscle dysfunction due to the toxic or deleterious effects of certain chemicals on the skin. The main reasons for cardiac toxicity are consumption of certain medicinal products such as bupivacaine or chemotherapy. Known to be cardiotoxic, the chemotherapy drugs belong to a family of chemo medicines called anthracyclines. These drugs are technically antibiotics, though they are very strong and would not be used against bacteria like most antibiotics. Damage of a toxin to the heart muscle is called heart toxicity. Cardiac toxicity may cause arrhythmias (changes in heart rhythm) or may lead to cardiac insufficiency. Cardiac failure doesn't mean your heart stopped or is about to stop. An aortic dissection is a medical emergency where the inner layer of the large blood vessel branches off tears of the heart (aorta). Case Reports in Cardiotoxicity Journal is most common in people in their 60s and 70s. Symptoms include extreme, intense pain in the chest or upper back that radiates to the neck or back, loss of consciousness and shortness of breath. Treatment can involve medication and surgery, such as beta-blockers.

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