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Case Reports in Cardiac Surgery Journal

Case Reports in Cardiac Surgery Journal

Case Reports in Cardiac Surgery Journal publishes images in Cardiac Surgery, journal of Cardiac Surgery case reports, cardiac journal, cardiac research journal etc. Cardiac surgery is a cardiac operation, or great arteries performed by heart surgeons. It is also used to treat ischemic coronary disease, such as joining the coronary corridor, curing intrinsic coronary disease or treating valvular coronary disease for different reasons including endocarditis, coronary rheumatic disease and atherosclerosis . This requires heart transplantation, as well. The advancement in cardiovascular surgery and methods in cardiopulmonary variability has lowered mortality rates for such surgeries to relatively low levels. A major concern in cardiovascular surgery is the neurological harm Stroke occurs in 2-3 per cent of all patients with cardiovascular surgery, and is higher in patients at risk of stroke. A more unobtrusive celestial body with neurocognitive deficits attributed to cardiopulmonary detour is called postperfusion syndrome, often referred to as a "pumphead."

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