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Case Reports in Cardiac Arrhythmia Journal

Case Reports in Cardiac Arrhythmia Journal publishes image journal in Cardiac Arrhythmia, imaging in Cardiac Arrhythmia, journal of Cardiac Arrhythmia case reports, surgery in Cardiac Arrhythmia journal, video journal in Cardiac Arrhythmia etc. An arrhythmia describes an irregular heartbeat. With this condition, a person’s heart may beat too quickly, too slowly, too early, or with an irregular rhythm. Arrhythmias occur when the electrical signals that coordinate heartbeats aren't working correctly. An irregular heartbeat may desire a racing heart or fluttering. Many heart arrhythmias are harmless. However, if they're highly irregular or result from a weak or damaged heart, arrhythmias can cause severe and potentially fatal symptoms and complications.

Cardiac arrhythmia refers to a gaggle of conditions that cause the guts to beat irregular, too slowly, or too quickly. There are several categories of arrhythmia, including: bradycardia, or a slow heartbeat tachycardia, or a fast heartbeat irregular heartbeat, also referred to as a flutter or fibrillation early heartbeat, or a premature contraction. Most arrhythmias aren't severe and don't cause complications. Some, however, can increase the danger of stroke or a systole. Some people may hear doctors use the word “dysrhythmia” when pertaining to their irregular heartbeat. The words arrhythmia and dysrhythmia mean an equivalent, but the word arrhythmia is more prevalent. Arrhythmia might not cause noticeable symptoms. However, a doctor may detect an arrhythmia during a routine examination or after requesting an electrocardiogram (EKG). Even if a private notices symptoms, it doesn't necessarily mean that they need a severe arrhythmia.

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