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Vascular Health and Risk Management Journal

Vascular Health and Risk Management Journal

Journal of Vascular Health and Risk Management Publishes Case Reports in Vascular Health, Images of Vascular Health, Case Reports in Vascular Risk Management, Case Reports of Vascular Medicine, Case Reports in Cardiovascular Health etc. Vascular Health includes any condition that affects your circulatory system, or system of blood vessels. This ranges from diseases of your arteries, veins and lymph vessels to blood disorders that affect circulation. Eating healthier and exercising more can help with many vascular diseases. For others, you may need to take medicine or have a surgical procedure. Vascular disease treatments vary depending on the condition. Vascular diseases involve clots or blockages in blood vessels. Healthcare provider needs to be able to see inside your blood vessels using imaging methods that include: Vascular ultrasound, Catheter angiography, CT angiography, MR angiography.

Vascular Health and Risk Management Journal is an international, peer-reviewed open access journal focusing on the maintenance of vascular health, Cardiovascular disease prevention, Cardiovascular risk factors, Vascular therapeutics, monitoring and risk management of vascular disease. The journal also seeks to address the association between lifestyle, hypertension, vascular biology, metabolic syndrome, Obesity, aging, and vascular health and disease. The journal considers studies on drugs, drug design and development, and therapeutic use. Specific topics covered by the journal include: Assessment of cardiovascular risk factors, Management and monitoring of cardiovascular risk factors, Methods for arterial evaluation and risk factors. The journal welcomes and publishes articles in the form of Original Research, clinical Images, Case Reports, Case Series, Medical Case Reports, Original Articles, etc.

Journal Scope and Keywords: Vascular Health and Risk Management, Archive of Vascular Health and Risk Management, Vascular Health | How to Reduce the Risks of Vascular Disease, Understand Your Risks to Prevent a Heart Attack, Know Your Risk for Heart Disease, Cardiac Risk Calculator and Assessment.

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Vascular Health and Risk Management Journal