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International Heart Journal: Case Reports

International Heart Journal: Case Reports

International Heart Journal: Case Reports Publishes Case Reports in Heart Surgery, Case Reports in Cardiology, Clinical Images in Heart Medicine, Case Reports in Heart Diseases, Case Reports of Heart Disorder, Case Reports in Heart Attack, Case Reports in Heart Arrest. Heart Journal aims to promote high quality research and serve as a platform for dissemination of scientific information in cardiology and Cardiovascular studies. The journal aims to publish cutting edge research in the field of clinical as well as non-clinical cardiology including cardiovascular medicine and surgery. It also provides a platform for Continuing Medical Education for cardiologists and those in training for the speciality of cardiology.

International Heart Journal: Case Reports is a peer-reviewed scientific and practical Heart Journal for specialists in the field of cardiology. The journal covering the technologies fields related to Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine. The topics of Publications is listed: International Epidemiology studies in cardiology, Experimental and clinical research on cardiovascular diseases, Risk factors for cardiovascular disease, Cardiac ischaemia, Impaired rhythm and conduction, Valvular heart disease, Inflammatory heart disease, Diseases of the aorta and other major arteries, Heart failure, Emergency cardiology, Issues of cardiac rehabilitation, Methods of diagnosis in cardiology, Cardiovascular disease in selected patient groups, Comorbidity in cardiology, New medical technologies and medicines, Issues of continuing medical education and programs for teaching the population a healthy lifestyle, Clinical recommendations and standards of medical care, International programs for the prevention of Heart diseases.

Journal Scope and Keywords: International Heart Journal, International Heart Journal Association, Heart International, International Journal of Cardiology, Global Heart Journal, International Journal of - Vascular Medicine, International Heart & Vascular Disease Journal, European Heart Journal, Journal of the American Heart Association.

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International Heart Journal: Case Reports