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Journal of Clinical Lipidology Case Reports

Journal of Clinical Lipidology Case Reports

Case Reports in Clinical Lipidology Journal Publishes Case Reports in Dyslipidemia, Case Reports in Lipid Metabolism, Case Reports in Metabolic Disorders, Medical Case Reports of Lipidology, Case Reports in Lipoprotein, Case Reports in Apolipoprotein, Case Reports in Hepatic Lipidomic, Case Reports in Endocrinology, Clinical Images of Endocrinology, Case Reports in Clinical Lipidology, Case Reports in Cholesterol Test, Case Series of Clinical Lipidology, Clinical Images of LDL-cholesterol, Case Reports in Diabetes Mellitus, Clinical Images of  Lipidology, Triglycerides, Video Case Reports of Clinical Lipidology, Case Reports in HDL-cholesterol, Case Reports in Familial Hypercholesterolaemia, Case Reports in Genetic Lipid Disorders, Case Reports in Troponin T, Case Reports in Natriuretic Peptides, Case Reports in Plasma Ceramides, Case Reports in Lipid Disorder.

Journal of Clinical Lipidology Case Reports focuses on the topics under Lipidology Case Reports that includes: Dyslipidemia, Lipid Metabolism, Metabolic Disorders,  Hypercholesterolaemia, Lipoprotein, Apolipoprotein, Hepatic Lipidomic, Endocrinology, Cholesterol Test, LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, Hyperglyceridaemia, Hypertriglyceridaemia, Hyperlipoproteinaemia, Hyperchylomicronaemia, Combined Hyperlipidaemia, Familial Hypercholesterolaemia, Diabetes Mellitus, Genetic Lipid Disorders, Triglycerides, Non-HDL Cholesterol, Troponin T, Natriuretic Peptides, Plasma Ceramides, Lipid Disorder.

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Case Reports in Dyslipidemia Journal

Journal of Dyslipidemia Case Reports, Dyslipidemia increases the chance of clogged arteries (atherosclerosis) and heart attacks, stroke or other circulatory concerns, especially in smokers. In adults, it's often related to obesity, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. Dyslipidaemia usually causes no symptoms. Healthy diet, exercise and lipid-lowering drugs can help prevent complications.

Journal of Lipid Metabolism Case Reports

Case Reports of Lipid Metabolism Journal is involves the synthesis of the structural and functional lipids such as phospholipids, glycolipids, sphingolipids, cholesterol, prostaglandins, etc. that are characteristic of individual tissues and the degradation of lipids to satisfy the metabolic needs of the body (e.g., energy production).

Case Reports in Metabolic Disorders Journal

Journal of Metabolic Disorders Case Reports is increasingly common increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. These conditions include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

Case Reports in Hypercholesterolaemia Journal

Journal of Hypercholesterolaemia Case Reports is High cholesterol is also called as Hypercholesterolaemia in the blood. High cholesterol can limit blood flow, increasing the risk of a heart attack or stroke. It's detected by a blood test. High cholesterol has no symptoms. Treatments include medication, a healthy diet and exercise.

Case Reports in Lipoprotein Journal

Journal of Lipoprotein Case Reports is a biochemical assembly whose primary function is to transport hydrophobic lipid molecules in water, as in blood plasma or other extracellular fluids.

Journal of Apolipoprotein Case Reports

Case Reports of Apolipoprotein Journal is Protein component of plasma lipoprotein, can bind and transport blood lipids to various tissues of the body for metabolism and utilization. It is mainly synthesized in the liver and partly in the small intestine.

Case Reports in Hepatic Lipidomic Journal

Journal of Hepatic Lipidomic Case Reports is caused by imbalance between the delivery of fat in the liver and its subsequent secretion or metabolism. hepatic lipid homeostasis, lipid compartmentalization mechanisms and lipidomic profiles in different liver diseases.

Case Reports in Endocrinology Journal

Journal of Endocrinology Case Reports is the study of hormones. Hormones are essential for our every-day survival. They control our temperature, sleep, mood, stress, growth and more. Hormones are found in all organisms with more than one cell, and so they are found in plants and animals. They influence or control a wide range of physiological activities, such as growth, development, puberty, level of alertness, sugar regulation and appetite, bone growth, etc.

Journal of Cholesterol Test Case Reports

Case Reports of Cholesterol Test Journal High cholesterol usually causes no signs or symptoms. A complete cholesterol test is done to determine whether your cholesterol is high and to estimate your risk of heart attacks and other forms of heart disease and diseases of the blood vessels.

Case Reports in LDL-cholesterol Journal

Journal of LDL-cholesterol Case Reports is called the bad cholesterol. Too much of it in your blood causes the buildup of fatty deposits (plaques) in your arteries (atherosclerosis), which reduces blood flow.

Case Reports in HDL-cholesterol Journal

Journal of HDL-cholesterol Case Reports is called the good cholesterol because it helps carry away LDL cholesterol, thus keeping arteries open and your blood flowing more freely.

Journal of Hyperglyceridaemia Case Reports

Case Reports of Hyperglyceridaemia Journal is a condition in which triglyceride levels are elevated, is a common disorder. It is often caused or exacerbated by uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, obesity, and sedentary habits, all of which are more prevalent in industrialized societies than in developing nations.

Case Reports in Hypertriglyceridaemia Journal

Journal of Hypertriglyceridaemia Case Reports is also called as elevated triglycerides. Elevated triglycerides may contribute to pancreatitis or hardening of the arteries. This increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and heart disease. Most often, there are no symptoms of having elevated triglycerides.

Journal of Hyperlipoproteinaemia Case Reports

Case Reports of Hyperlipoproteinaemia Journal is also known as hyperlipoproteinemia. Hyperlipidaemia doesn't cause any symptoms. The condition is diagnosed by routine blood tests, recommended every five years for adults. Treatments include medication, a healthy diet and exercise.

Case Reports in Hyperchylomicronaemia Journal

Journal of Hyperchylomicronaemia Case Reports is caused by an LPL inhibitor or autoantibody against LPL. patients with primary hyperchylomicronemia caused by mutations in the gene for glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchored high density lipoprotein-binding protein.

Combined Hyperlipidaemia Case Reports

Case Reports in Combined Hyperlipidaemia Journal Familial combined hyperlipidemia is the most common genetic disorder that increases blood fats. It can cause early heart attacks. Diabetes, alcoholism, and hypothyroidism make the condition worse. Risk factors include a family history of high cholesterol and early coronary artery disease.

Journal of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Case Reports

Case Reports of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Journal is a disorder that is passed down through families. It causes LDL (bad) cholesterol level to be very high. The condition begins at birth and can cause heart attacks at an early age. Related topics include: Familial combined hyperlipidemia.

Case Reports in Diabetes Mellitus Journal

Journal of Diabetes Mellitus Case Reports Chronic diabetes conditions include type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Potentially reversible diabetes conditions include prediabetes and gestational diabetes. Prediabetes happens when blood sugar levels are higher than normal. But the blood sugar levels aren't high enough to be called diabetes. And prediabetes can lead to diabetes unless steps are taken to prevent it.

Case Reports in Genetic Lipid Disorders Journal

Journal of Genetic Lipid Disorders Case Reports most of the time, a person will have no symptoms of a lipid disorder until they experience a significant health problem, such as a stroke or heart attack.

Case Reports in Triglycerides Journal

Journal of Triglycerides Case Reports are a type of fat in the blood. When you eat, your body converts calories it doesn't need into triglycerides, which are stored in fat cells. High triglyceride levels are associated with several factors, including being overweight, eating too many sweets or drinking too much alcohol, smoking, being sedentary, or having diabetes with elevated blood sugar levels.

Journal of Non-HDL Cholesterol Case Reports

Case Reports of Non-HDL Cholesterol Journal is also known as non-HDL-C, is a way of measuring how much of the bad kinds of cholesterol you have in your blood. It’s also a helpful way for your doctor to evaluate your risk of heart disease.

Case Reports in Troponin T Journal

Journal of Troponin T Case Reports is a protein found in heart muscle. Measuring troponin T using a high-sensitivity troponin T test helps health care providers diagnose a heart attack and determine the risk of heart disease. An increased level of troponin T has been linked with a higher risk of heart disease in people who have no symptoms.

Journal of Natriuretic Peptides Case Reports

Case Reports of Natriuretic Peptides Journal are released from the heart in response to pressure and volume overload. B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) and N-terminal-proBNP have become important diagnostic tools for assessing patients who present acutely with dyspnea.

Case Reports in Plasma Ceramides Journal

Journal of Plasma Ceramides Case Reports are sphingolipids involved with cellular signaling. Synthesis of ceramides occurs in all tissues. Ceramides accumulate within tissues and the blood plasma during metabolic dysfunction, dyslipidemia, and inflammation. Elevations of ceramides are predictive of cardiovascular mortality.

Journal of Clinical Lipidology Case Reports