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Journal of Cardiovascular Toxicology and Toxicity Case Reports

Journal of Cardiovascular Toxicology and Toxicity Case Reports

Case Reports in Cardiovascular Toxicology and Toxicity Journal Publishes Cardiovascular Toxicology Case Reports, Case Reports in Cardiovascular Toxicity, Clinical Images of Cardiovascular Toxicity, Image of Cardiac Toxicology, Images in Cardiovascular Toxicity etc. Cardiovascular toxicity refers to heart dysfunction or Cardiovascular muscle damage. Toxicity to heart can be due to intake of heavy metals, eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa or incorrect administration of drugs. Cardiovascular Toxicology leads to weakening of heart and leads to delay in circulation. Cardiovascular toxicology deals with the adverse effects on the center or blood systems which result from exposure to toxic chemicals. It describes safety data of damaging effect of recent cardiovascular drugs.

Cardiovascular Toxicology manages the drug of heart illnesses. Many classes of cardiovascular operators are accessible to treat the varied cardiovascular conditions. The incidence of drug-induced structural cardiotoxicity, which may cause failure, has been recognized in association with the employment of anthracycline anti-cancer drugs. Cardiovascular toxicology cares with the adverse effects of extrinsic and intrinsic stresses on the center and system. These toxic exposures end in alterations in biochemical pathways, defects in cellular structure and performance, and pathogenesis of the affected cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular toxicity includes damage to the heart due to toxin-induced electrophysiological abnormalities and muscle damage, as well as vascular atherosclerosis due to oxidative stress and inflammation. Taken together, these abnormalities may impair blood flow and circulation.

Case Reports in Cardiovascular Toxicology and Toxicity Journal is peer-reviewed scientific journal covering molecular aspects of cardiovascular disease. Dedicated to publishing contemporary issues, timely reviews, and experimental and clinical data on the molecular therapy of cardiovascular disease. Also covered are the detrimental effects of new cardiovascular drugs, and cardiovascular effects of non-cardiovascular drugs, anti-cancer chemotherapy, and gene therapy. In addition, Cardiovascular Toxicology reports safety and toxicological data on new cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular drugs.

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Journal of Cardiovascular Toxicology and Toxicity Case Reports