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Prof. Adrian Banning
Prof. Adrian Banning
Editor In Chief

Consultant Cardiologist and Professor of Interventional Cardiology, Oxford University Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom

Recent Publications

A Bridge Too Far: A Case of Myocardial Bridge Requiring Unroofing and Complicated by Post-Cardiac Injury Syndrome

Diez DE*, Toll A, Colome EP, et al. (USA)

Iatrogenic Coronary Left Main Artery Dissection Type-F with Time and Lifesaving Bailout Intervention: A Case Report

Elhakim A*, Halawi T, Elhakim M, Saad M. (Germany)

Stunned: A Rare Case of Bi-Pella as a Bridge to Recovery for Biventricular Failure in the Setting of Myocardial Stunning

Toll A*, Colome EP, Suarez A, et al. (USA)

Published Articles